Bracelet Scroll

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Standard Scroll, code BR.SC01 (25 mm wide), BR.SC02 (30 mm wide), BR.SC03 (40 mm wide), we can also offer other bespoke widths if required.  Scrolls are available in many widths, starting from 25mm to 150mm wide.

BR.SC04 is 25 mm wide with additional strip that can be used to create a two tone effect, or covered single colour as shown in the main picture which shows a Bukana covering although many other colours and fabrics are available.

Two tone strip

We supply them with a curled end as standard or they can be bent in a number of different ways e.g. angled if preferred.

Gold Strio BRSC01 25 mm scroll
Nabuka Prestige Purple BR.SC02 30 mm angled
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