6 Cream Multi Ring Wedges

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Cream Ring Wedge Display
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Price includes Postage and VAT

These 6 Ring Wedges hold 3 rings in each and all can be displayed to stand either tall, or low as shown.  They are covered in a beautiful Natural Cream Bengaline material. Bengaline has a lovely satin sheen that catches the light beautifully.  Old surplus stock but have never been used,  therefore sold as seen, classed as slight seconds hence discounted price. New price would be £20.50 each + VAT each, selling all 6 for £60 plus £7.00 postge + VAT.

Additional items can be manufactured in the same style, these are suitable for re-covering in the future.

If you need any further information or pictures please get in touch – email info@jeppads.co.uk

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