Platform top riser

Riser Blocks

Riser blocks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, made to suit your requirements.

Every block can be tailor made to your specifiation.  Below are just some of the many examples of what we can produce to enhance your display and make best use of the space you have available.

All risers are available with or without a recess for you to add the optional backboard to your display.

Main picture shows platform risers covered in Ecume Quinel, assorted sizes to create height and interest.

Chamfored Riser and Backboard

Chamfered sparkle riser

Shown with a glitter cork covering.

Stepped Riser Blocks with Backboard

Backboard with steps

Shown with a dark grey flanelle Silsuede covering.

Simple Riser with Backboard

Gold Textured Strio Busts

Shown with a white Quinel neige leatherette covering.

Inlaid Platform Risers

black and grey inlaid platform riser

Shown with a grey Wicotex covering with black Silsuede edges for contrast.

Showroom risers

Upper section, sets of four riser blocks are used to create an illusion of ‘floating’ blocks so that the display does not look too heavy.

Lower section, angled blocks were used at different heights to slightly raise the section visible below the shelf.  Shown covered in Orange Wicotex Brillianta.

Two tone platform risers and busts

Two tone platform risers, with two tone display products to continue the theme, compliment each other and create a stunning display with impact.