Wedding Ring Display

We’re often asked if we make wedding ring displays, and although we don’t have a standard Wedding Ring Display set, our products can easily be incorporated into a display for those special rings.  We can offer a choice of colours and fabrics to create a stunning display of any size.  We can work with you to display the quantity of rings you require in the space you have available.

The display shown could comfortably display 80 rings but the layout is flexible enough to add more, or display less, depending on your stock levels.  This example is modular, so you have the flexibility to vary the display by moving, or removing component blocks and parts.  Your colour scheme or brand colours can be incorporated with optional extras such as the stripe and embellishments shown, or we can make the whole display in your chosen fabric.

The backboard is removable so you have easy access to your window and the A4 picture window can be used to insert your logo, or a seasonal, or themed picture etc.